About Us

Welcome to Newton Street Early Learning

Providing the very best early childcare education...

Newton Street provides a unique environment that allows children of all ages to spend time together, like whanau. We offer a fun and stimulating learning environment with two separate age groups and high-quality teacher to child ratios.

Our objectives:
  • Offering a quality child-centred education and care environment based on our Philosophy.
  • To have sound and reciprocal partnerships between kaiako and parents.
  • To have an environment that is age appropriate and challenging
  • To encourage the holistic development of your tamariki, focusing on well-being, belonging, contribution, communication and exploration
  • To recognize and promote your child’s natural desire and ability to learn whilst respecting their right to work at their own pace.
  • To operate within the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education

We are lucky enough to not only have an amazing outdoor space with a carpentry area, sandpit, mudpit, fort, swings, slide, tunnel, gardens and more….we also have an amazing space inside. The size internally is unique offering roller doors at the side allowing sunshine, fresh air and ventilation in good weather not to mention space to be active and let off steam even when the weather is too bad to venture out. Our space allows us to not only have all the usual activities and spaces you might find indoors but climbing frames and a trampoline as well.

We know we don’t follow the trend of being a purpose built, architecturally designed centre with perfectly placed, shiny new resources. However, we think this is a bonus! Though we value aesthetics and beautiful resources we also want our space to be lived in and authentic. We want the children to be exactly that, children. We want them to have ownership over our space, to feel at ease to live and learn in it. Our tamariki here at Newton Street is engaged in genuine learning in all its messiness. Our resources are loved and our spaces lived in, just like at home.

Newton Street is open from 7 am to 6 pm with a welcoming space for your tamariki.